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منتدى البحرين اليوم
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I need some help if you can

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Dear friends


I'am facing bad situation after my mom & dad devorced.

Now I'am living with my uncle & he treat me so bad,,

I'am studing at univercity & this is my last year to

Have a test & graduate.

I can't do the test till I pay 2000AED,,so if you can

Help me to graduate this year,,can you send it to Exchange

By Western Union Service at that name (Abdulwahid Pir Mohd)



Even you can help me with 1000 or 500 at least & I will try

To collect it till I get 2000AED


I will be greatfull if you help me & I will pray to God

To bless you & give you a good health (Inshaallah).


Please help me soon,,I want to pass this year,,plz


Your faithfully


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