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منتدى البحرين اليوم

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


يعطيكم العافيه


بس حاب اخبركم لما رحت قسم التسجيل في المعهد قالوا ما يوزعون استمارات الا بداية كل فصل


و انه الحين ابي اعرف التخصصات الموجودة في المعهد مع شوية تفاصيل


عشان اعرف شنو ادرس :n5:


اتمنى انكم تساعدوني :up:

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ياهلا اخووي علـي ..

عليكم ا لسلام والرحمهـ .


بالنسبـه للـ تخصصات انا ذكرتهم من قبل , بس تفضل اكاهمـا عندكـ

قسم البزنز..محاسبة، اعمال مكتبية، تسويق


شهادة كمبيوتر وهندسة "خاصة بالشباب"


والتدريب الحرفي


وفي تخصص اسمه AAT محاسبة بس الشهادة والأمتحانات من لندن ووايد الشهادة هذه مطلوبة


وياللـه أنت جوف الحين شنو ميولكـ وشنو حـاب تدرس وان شاء الله راح نخبركـ أكثر ونحط لكـ معلومات عن التخصص اللي حاب تدرسه ..


والله يوفقكـ :smile: .

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تسلمين والله دلوعة أبوها ربي يعطيج الف عافيه


و ان شاء الله راح ادرس " محاسبة " ذي كان اختياري من البداية بس كنت محتار



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اتفضــل اخوي هذي لستة عن البرامج التدريبية اللي تقدر تدرسهم في المعهد :

Programs and Courses

Art And Design

Advanced Sewing Machine Operation
Basic Sewing Machine Operation
CAD/CAM System for Pattern Construction
Certificate in Industrial Sewing Machine Operation
Cutting Room Practice
Fashion Design
Feasibility Studies for Garment Projects
Industrial Garment’s Machines & Equipment
An Introduction to Work Study In the Garment Industry
Pattern Construction
Planning & Control of Garment Production
Advanced Sewing Machine Operation.
Intensive course in Industrial Sewing Machine Operation-A Proposal for Three Factories (Faal, Light style & Gulf)
Quality Control for Ready-made Garments
Sample Production for the - Ready-made Garment Industry
Supervisory Skills for the Garment Industry


AAT Foundation Diploma in Accounting - 1 year
AAT Intermediate Diploma in Accounting – 1 year
AAT Technician Diploma in Accounting – 1 year
CTP (Certificate in Training Practice)
Diploma in Secretarial Skills
Diploma in Purchasing Management
Diploma in Sales & Marketing
Diploma in Supervisory Management
Diploma in Human Resource Management


Health And Safety Programs
National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH)
Building and Construction
Buillding Maintenance Skills (Civil)
Craft Training Program in Construction Trades
Buillding Maintenance Skills (Services)
Aluminium Fabrication
Painting and Decoration
Carpentry (Shuttering)
Precast-Concrete Skills
Concrete Skills
Masonry Works
Construction Drawing reading
Elementry Surveying
Reinforcement Fabrication
Construction Safety
Construction Technology
Quality Management
Project Management
Site Administration
Building Maintenance
Site Surveying & Levelling
Concrete Technology
Building Surveys
Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

Electrical and Electronic Division

Communication Courses
Field of Data Communication
Proposal for Radio Communication
Advance Telecommunications Theory and Practice
Control Courses
Programmable Logic Controllers
Programmable Controllers - Level 1
Electrical Courses
AC Motor Protection
Maintaining of Three-phase Induction Motors
DC Motors Maintenance
Domestic Electrical Wiring Installation
Electrical Installation Design
(Residential and Commercial Building)
Electrical Safety
Electrical Troubleshooting
Industrial Motor Control -Relay Control
Inspection and Testing
(Domestic Wiring Installation)
Maintaining of Transformers and AC Circuits
Power Distribution System
High Voltage Switchgear & Circuit Breakers
-Recommended Training Course-
Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Power Tools
Single-Phase Motors (Part I)
Using and Maintenance of Batteries
Single-Phase Motors Maintenance (Part II)
Electronics Courses
Video servicing
Computer Assembling Troubleshooting and Maintenance CATM
Industrial Electronics and Motor Control
Consumer Electronics
TV Servicing
Audio Servicing


Diploma in Chemical Technology
Basic Aluminum Behaviour
Materials for Engineering
Metallography and Material Testing
Metals and Alloys
Casting Technology
Particulate Technology
Heat Transfer Technology-I
Heat Transfer Technology
Mass Transfer Processes
Fluid Flow
Fuel Furnaces and Refractories
Pumps and Compressors
Basic Analytical Techniques
Water Treatment and Analysis
Waste Water Treatment
Air Pollution Control
Industrial Waste Management
Petroleum Processing
Glass Manufacturing
Food Processing


وللمزيد من المعلومات والتفاصيل

تقدر اتزور موقع المعهد الرسمي :



والاخت الدلوعة بعد ما قصــرت ..

وبالتوفيق ..

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