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منتدى البحرين اليوم

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Cameras roll for Bahraini film

SHOOTING has begun in Riffa for the third movie made by a Bahraini independent film director Bassam Al Thawadi.


The Bahraini cast of the Arabic language film A Bahraini Tale includes actors Mariam Ziman, Jumana Al Rowaie and Mubarak Khamis.


The film is set between the beginning of the Israeli-Arab war in 1967 and the death of Egyptian pan-Arab leader Jamal Abdul Nasser in 1970, and looks at the lives of three women who live in Bahrain.


It explores "how the international political situation in those years affected people in Bahrain and in the Gulf," said director Mr Al Thawadi.


"All this will be seen through these ladies - through their love stories, through their lives."


The film script was written by Fareed Ramadan, and is being made with a camera crew from India and sound technicians from New York.


Footage for the film is expected to be completed by the beginning of next month and the release date will be decided when post production work is completed.



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